Monday, October 10, 2011

Hockey Village India

Sports & Education for a better future!

Helping others to help themselves is our device!

Everybody has a right to education – but not everybody has the oportunity! Therefore it is our aim to support rural areas in India and give the children a chance for a better education. We provide free english classes in the afternoon – then we bring them to our new hockey ground where we provide sticks to play. Volunteers in the village take care of the classes and provide the necessary infrastructure for the children. Our target is, to involve the villagers as much as we can so that they can take over the project one day…
Indian National player and FIH player Sardar Singh is the new ambassador of the village!!

Why Hockey?

Hockey is India’s national sport – even if Cricket became much more popular over the years. If you look at Indian villages you can see why – 20 kids can play cricket with a ball and a piece of wood while you need 20 sticks to make them play hockey. Talking about international level India is running behind his glorious hockey past – the country has hardly any astro turfs and at the top of the hockey country 2 associations are fighting for the rulership – ignoring that all is about sports – not politicians… But nevertheless we know from our own experience as sportsmen how amazing it is to be part of a sports team – to have the sportsmen spirit – the team spirit! To fight together – for eachother, to win and sometimes even loose… What makes you more happy then winning an important match? Sportsmen know that! How good does it feel to achieve something – for yourselve and for the team – to fight for a common target – to go to your limits and with discipline and self motivation get better and better – these are important values in life and sport can teach us. Just like education we are more then ready to share our experiences – and if you see the twinkling eyes of a child and its proud when it scores its first goal, there are no more questions to ask!

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